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  1. Kevin

    Looks awesome! Thanks guys for continuing to be one of the hidden gems of Union City! Chaplin’s has become a default go-to spot for me and my friends this past year.

    Question – Are you still planning on adding the pasta section to the menu (and the Southwest Chicken Salad)? A lot of people were stoked about those!

    Question #2 – Are these new prices definite? It’s a little sad to see the higher numbers, especially the extra $2.50 for added meat on appetizers. To be honest, it probably won’t deter me too much from coming still, but the value has definitely gone down.

    And one more thing – Thought you should know you have a small grammatical error under “Chips and Salsa”. I’m assuming you meant to say “substitute salsa WITH freshly made guac” (“Substitute salsa FOR guac” means remove guac and replace it with salsa).

    I don’t want to sound obsessively nit-picky or anything. I only point it out because I know you guys always hold high standards in terms of your presentation. And that’s what I love so much!

  2. Hello Kevin, thanks for the comment. For your question concerning the pastas and salads, yes we will be releasing them soon, this is not our final menu, we are going to be adding more to our menu every week for the next few weeks.

    For your second question concerning the pricing, it is not definite, we will continue to tweak our prices. As for the extra for the meats we lowered the price accordingly to appetizers (without meat) and then would place an up-charge for chicken or steak, basically keeping the prices the same or similar to how we had it in the past.

    We do appreciate the input with the grammatical error. We will correct it in future updates of the menu.

    Chaplin’s Manager

  3. Christina

    What are your hours?

  4. Jeanette

    Hello Drew,
    Love your place….
    Would be wonderful if you could add a Veggie Burger in the mix…..
    Thanks for asking our opinions….

  5. Adam

    Is this a bar or are kids able to come in, because you serve food as well?

    • Hi Adam, I understand you would like to know if we are kid friendly. Yes we are. We are a full service restaurant, kids can come in at anytime. All we ask is no children may sit at the bar.

  6. Jaycee

    Would love and appreciate Gluten Free options.

  7. Shirley Jankowski

    I read lots of reviews but have never given a review myself. Came for dinner with 3 teens, 2 50-somethings and a senior citizen, and we all really enjoyed it. Definitely agree this is a hidden gem. The food was great…the Texas burger, Phili sliders, garlic fries, chicken strips, beef soup, fish & chips, Chapmin’s salad and California chicken sandwhich were all tasty. How often can you please everyone in your party?!
    The volume on the t.v. was a little loud but it’s a sports bar, so it’s understandable. Will definitely be coming back!

  8. Stephen

    Is this a true sports bar, when games are on is the sound up so we can hear?

    • Hi Stephen, yes we do play the sound for major sporting events. We also have a feature that allows you to listen to the sound of a game on a specific tv via your smartphone. You can always give us a call at 510-429-6860 to find out if we plan on having the sound turned on for a specific game.